Norwalk snow removal businesses gear up for the winter storm

Snow removal businesses in Norwalk are gearing up ahead of the snowstorm on Monday.
The workers at Turning Green said they have already pre-salted and de-iced more than 60 commercial properties.
Ismael Torres, the manager and supervisor at Big Foot Snow Services, said their trucks already have routes in place and they have a contingency plan in case the storm is worse than expected.
Torres says Big Foot Snow Services will have extra crews on standby.  They’ve already dropped off some tractors at commercial sites so that they’re ready to go.
“There are people that don’t call for snow removal until there’s actually snow,” Torres said. “We’re ready, so if you want to call, they can call us, and we’ll try to go out there and do the best that we can.”
Torres said their crews are resting until it’s time to go into the streets at around 3 a.m. to start clearing.
Torres advised people who are getting their driveway plowed on Tuesday to make sure to move their car inside the garage or out of the way for the plow.