Not so fast?snow sequel poised to strike southwestern Connecticut

(03/15/07) NORWALK ? Sunshine and singing birds are about to get replaced with cool temps and slushy roads in southwestern Connecticut.
A surprise visit from Old Man Winter is about to spoil the spring-like weather residents have been enjoying throughout the area. The late winter blast, which could dump 10 inches of snow in southwestern Connecticut, has caught many hardware stores off guard. Stores have packed away their shovels and snow blowers in favor of lawnmowers and leaf blowers.
Although winter items have been put away, hardware store owners say they still expect to sell a couple of snow blowers by the end of the week. A representative for the Home Depot in Norwalk says plenty of shovels and ice melt will also be available for those who need it. Shoppers will just have to walk past the row of barbeque grills at the entrance to get what they need.