N.Y. governor expected to reject Broadwater plan

The Broadwater barge project appears to be dead in the water.
New York Sen. Carl Marcellino says Gov. David Paterson will announce his opposition to the proposed liquefied natural gas terminal for the Long Island Sound Thursday.
The governor's office would not confirm any of the information, but officials in Connecticut said they received word from New York officials that the governor was opposed to the gas barge.
The project has been a major source of controversy with opponents of the plan saying it will pose an environmental risk and could potentially be a terrorist target. Supporters say the barge will provide much-needed energy.
Gov. Jodi Rell, the Milford mayor and other state leaders, along with boaters and fishermen, have been opposed to the liquefied gas facility from the start. The barge would sit approximately 15 miles from the coast of southwestern Connecticut.
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a fierce critic of the plan, has praised Gov. Paterson?s opposition. Blumenthal says it is now time for both New York and Connecticut to work on another way to develop sources of energy.
Paterson is expected to make his announcement at 2:45 p.m. Rell is expected to speak after Paterson's announcement.
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