Officers learn from the past at Holocaust museum

Officers from the Fairfield Police Department recently had a rare opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. for a special training course.
The police officers received the training at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. The museum trains nearly 1,000 local police officers, FBI agents and other government agencies every year. Those who run the program say the training comes down to learning from the past.
Fairfield police officers say they were taught to understand the difference between right and wrong and how that difference can sometimes be a very thin line. This lesson was reinforced by every photograph and image at the museum.
Fairfield Police Sgt. Josh Zabin says though the lesson about Hitler and his police organization is a hard one, it?s one worth telling.
The Fairfield Police Department is the first department in the state to attend the training at the museum. Officials say it most likely won?t be the last group of Fairfield officers to attend.
UnitedStates Holocaust Memorial Museum