Officials: Cameras inside Brooklyn subway station not working at time of shooting

The investigation continues into the Brooklyn shooting inside the 36th Street subway station as officials learn cameras weren’t working inside the station at the time of the incident.
As News 12 reported, the security cameras were not working at three of the subway stations, including the 36th Street subway station, where most of the terror unfolded.
Earlier this week, the NYPD confirmed that it does have access to the cameras and regularly look at them to see which ones are working and which ones are not, but the responsibility for those cameras rests in the hands of the MTA.
Last night, the NYPD put out a statement to clarify a few things after many people asked why the cameras were not working. It said statements claiming that a lack of cameras at the station delayed the manhunt by many hours were unfair and misleading.
The MTA says it has about 10,000 cameras in the subway system which is made up of 472 stations.
It says there were issues with some of the cameras, but there were 600 cameras just along the line in Brooklyn where this unfolded. It says the NYPD found plenty of footage showing the suspect.
The MTA chair and CEO also said he did not think the suspect could have been caught sooner if the cameras had been working due to the suspect boarding an R train across the platform immediately after the shooting, according to police.
Officials say the cameras are an internet-based system and called the issue a malfunction.