Operation Santa a success for volunteer Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol

Santa Claus came to town on Sunday to help at the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol’s fundraiser – Operation Santa.
Donations raised for the station go toward keeping up with training volunteers and getting new equipment.
The department dropped presents off to families who made $300 donations to the station. Along with keeping the town safe, it’s another way they can give back – especially to families in need of extra cheer this year.
News 12 Connecticut’s Tom Krosnowski spoke with the department about the work they’re doing for the community ahead of Christmas – such as welcoming in volunteers dressed as Santa and the Grinch to deliver presents.
“We have been so lucky to have Santa come down and work with us, because he just loves fire trucks!” said Stephanie Dunn Ashley, president of the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol. “The Grinch has been a little friend and a little foe, but at the end of the day all the presents go back to the children.”
In addition to the gifts for the kids, the department also recognized the continued support from the town.
“Since 1927, we’ve been supporting the Town of Greenwich through our all-volunteer company,” said Ashley. “This fundraiser really helps us do things that give education and training to our company members…it’s really a wonderful win-win for both teams.”