‘Original Blow-out’ prevents transfer of bacteria while blowing out birthday candles

An invention by a Stratford woman prevents the spreading of 99.78 percent of bacteria when someone blows out birthday candles.
Francine Coughlin says she was in the kitchen looking for ways to improve her baking when the idea for the Original Blow-Out came to her.
Coughlin made dozens of cylinders of different shapes and sizes in one day to see if she could possibly make one that would prevent the spreading of bacteria onto a cake. She tested the cylinders on hundreds of candles.
She then outsourced the product to a manufacturer in Ansonia and a fulfillment center in Shelton after she created the right size.
"You stand back about 12 inches from the cake, put the larger end of the Original Blow-Out to your mouth; aim above the flame," Coughlin says.
She says she shipped the product to Utah and got the Original Blow-Out clinically tested in order for her to brand the product.
A surgical mask was the inspiration for the filter inside.
Each of the Original Blow-Out products sells for $4.50 individually.