Ouch no more! Norwalk dentist shows how to avoid the dreaded drill, needle

In light of Children's Dental Health Month, a Norwalk dentist says both children and adults can avoid the dreaded drill and needle.
Dr. Carol Felder, along with patient Lila, demonstrated dental laser technology called Solea.
Solea was developed by Convergent Dental. The company says it's the first carbon dioxide dental laser approved by the FDA, and it's all computer-generated.
It's used for cavity fillings and gum treatments like gingivectomy.
Dr. Felder says the laser vaporizes the tooth, essentially flaking off the dental cavity and taking the place of a drill.
She also says the laser light beam impulses at a highly rapid pace, meaning it hits the tooth so fast, the brain can't process pain, giving an anesthesia effect.
Felder says in the two years she's had the machine her patients have always opted to use it.
Solea has been on the market since 2013.
It's offered at more than 850 dentist offices across the country, including 10 in Connecticut.