Out of this world: Stamford 8th grader creates full-scale Mars rover for his graduating project

A 13-year-old from Stamford with lofty goals has found a way to showcase his love for outer space.
Alexander Barker built a full-scale remote-controlled Mars rover for his eighth-grade graduating project at Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford.
"A lot of people are surprised. They didn't expect me to build something this big," said Barker.
His rover is run by a car battery with four motors that turn the wheels.
The 13-year-old says his space machine took two months to build, and a lot of late nights.
"I learned that it's really…it's a lot of effort but once you think of something, if you think you can do it as long as you put your hard work and effort in you can accomplish your goals," said Barker.
When Barker gave his presentation at school last week he shared his love for the galaxy.
"I've been to Kennedy Space Center and met some famous people," said Barker.
He met Buzz Aldrin at the 50th anniversary of the Apollo XI landing.
A few years ago Barker won NASA's Space Patch competition.
Barker is proud of his rover and says he has high hopes for becoming a NASA engineer in the future.
He thinks his rover has could even work on Mars.
"Let's say you put this on the Martian surface with a better sensor, a little more engineering maybe it could work on Mars," he said.