Over 1,000 abandoned lobster traps removed from Long Island Sound

Several groups have worked together to remove more than 1,000 abandoned lobster traps in Long Island Sound.
The Lobster Trap Recovery and Assessment Partnership is a project between The Maritime Aquarium, Save the Sound and other organizations to improve the ecosystem.
So far, 1,178 old traps have been pulled.
The old traps, which sit at the bottom of the Sound, still collect and trap lobsters, crabs and fish, which has resulted in population declines.
There are also environmental concerns over the trap's chemicals being released into the water as the plastic parts of the traps break down over time.
The project has only made 57 of the 95 federally funded trips, so they expect to collect more traps.
For more information on the project, email lobsters@maritimeaquarium.org.