Pain at the pump to keep some home on Labor Day

Despite sliding gas prices, some Bronx drivers say the pain at the pump will still keep them close to home this Labor Day weekend.
According to a prediction by AAA, the number of drivers on the road for the holiday weekend will drop by hundreds of thousands when compared to past years.
Bronx residents say although gas prices are dropping, they are still not low enough. The average price of gasoline in New York is now $3.91, which represents a 50 cent drop from the peak in July. However, it is still up nearly $1 from last year.
Not all local residents, however, are letting gas prices stop them in their tracks.
?I?ve definitely traveled less this year, but Labor Day is the last summer weekend to get out of town,? says John McCarthy.
Experts suggest that those who do hit the road this weekend keep their tires properly inflated. That can increase gas mileage by about 3 percent.
The Metropolitan Transpiration Authority says it is ready for the holiday weekend travel rush. According to MTA officials, most routine maintenance has been suspended on all major crossings, except for the Triboro Bridge, where the ongoing construction is mandatory.