Parties prompt off-campus patrols at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart University is now patrolling student-populated neighborhoods near the campus in an effort to crack down on rowdy parties.
School administrators say they've been getting complaints from neighbors and pressure from City Council members for years. Bridgeport?s North End and Lake Forest neighborhoods are two of the areas being patrolled Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from dusk to dawn.
?We hope the message that our students get is that they need to be good citizens,? Dean of Students Larry Wielk says.
The security guards have no jurisdiction, but school administrators say the guards will call police if the situation calls for it. Wielk says the patrol guards will be a deterrent.
Sophomore Mike Reho says the new patrols are having an impact, he says students aren?t having the same types of big parties they used to.
City Councilwoman Michelle Lyons tells News 12 Connecticut she applauds the school's move and believes the patrols are making a difference as well.