Pegasus Therapeutic Riding and Ox Ridge Hunt Club launch pilot program

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding partnered with the Ox Ridge Hunt Club in Darien on Monday for some lessons.
Pegasus has been running for almost 50 years -- helping people heal through horseback riding.
The five-week pilot program at Ox Ridge is another step in expanding the reach of riding therapy.
Monday’s lesson included visually impaired clients from the National Federation of the Blind and a group of children with diverse challenges and disabilities from La Casa Verde.
Volunteer coordinator Diane Maudsley, and the rest of the Pegasus team, offer services best suited to each individual.
“If they come in with any anxieties or concerns of their own, the horse is showing them different physical ways to let go of that feeling and find a centering, find a calmness,” says Maudsley.
Pegasus is raising funds to ensure these programs can continue to expand and support people.
“I’m just hoping they leave with a greater sense of courage and a newfound activity and love for themselves,” says Maudsley.