People gather in Bridgeport to watch the eclipse as scientists study how it impacted animals at the Beardsley Zoo

Cloudy weather didn't put a damper on the enthusiasm of people looking to watch the eclipse.

Frank Recchia and Larry Epstein

Apr 8, 2024, 9:11 PM

Updated 45 days ago


People gathered at the Beardsley Zoo Monday afternoon to watch the eclipse, as experts watched the animals to see how they would react.
One of the animals they observed was a red wolf named Peanut.
“Our male red wolf decided to stick around and give us a great show," says the Beardsley’s Zoo educator Jim Knox.
“They say he didn't retreat into his den during the eclipse…providing science a kind of celestial curve ball they say could lead, once and for all, to answers about things like the long-pondered question is there a link between canines and a full moon," says Dr. Ashley Byun, associate professor at Fairfield University.
And at Waltersville Elementary School, kids from kindergarten through middle school put on their protective glasses and went outside to catch a glimpse.
The glasses were distributed by the Connecticut State Department of Education and funded by private donors.
"We had an earthquake on Friday and an eclipse on Monday. Quite a week, huh? Yeah, it's been really crazy." says Bridgeport resident Wes Brown.

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