Petition against 'monster' middle school makes waves in Westport

One Westport father is trying to reach 500 signatures on a petition against the proposal to consolidate every middle school in the district into one school in Bedford.
The proposal is one of many the superintendent put forward as they try to figure out where to house Coleytown Middle school students for the next year. Their school remains closed for mold remediation.
The petition called "Stop Bedford 'monster' school" was started by Westport father Robert Harrington on Tuesday. It is less than 100 signatures away from its goal of 500 signatures.
The petition aims to stop one of the superintendent's proposals that would move the town's 1,300 middle school students, plus 200 teachers and staff, to Bedford Middle School.
Harrington says the school was built to hold 800-900 people and that the Board of Education and the school administration is not listening to teachers or parents.
He plans to send the petition to the Board of Education ahead of their Monday night meeting.
"I hope the message is you must listen to the teachers," Harrington says. "The teachers inside that building don't want it. You must listen to an advisory committee that you set up to look at the various options."
The Community Advisory Committee, comprised of parents and residents, is opposed to the plan.
The other options include converting all elementary schools to K through sixth grade or renting a location to hold all sixth-graders.