Pickleball power: Beginners and pros fill up the new pickleball courts in Norwalk

Pickleball has exploded in popularity in the U.S. over the last few years, and Western Connecticut is no different. The City of Norwalk opened its first four dedicated pickleball courts Tuesday to give residents a local place to try the game for themselves.
Pickleball pros and amateurs can now enjoy the new courts at Woodward Avenue Park. One of two tennis courts at Woodward Avenue Park were converted into four pickleball courts to cater to the explosion of popularity the sport saw over the pandemic.
Mayor Harry Rilling got in on a ceremonial first volley Tuesday. He says he used to be an avid tennis player, but pickleball is more his speed now.
Pickleball pros say the game is perfect for the retired set, but over the past few years its appeal has gotten much broader.
Within minutes of opening, all four courts were filled with beginners, picking up a game that's more about vision and positioning than strength or speed.
The courts showed to be very popular on opening day. Rilling says he's going to be looking for other locations for more pickleball courts in town.