Police: Teen facing charges in armed Bridgeport sexual assault

Police in Bridgeport say they've charged a teen in connection with an armed sexual assault in a case that has left neighbors on edge.
They say a 21-year-old female was raped by 19-year-old Tyrek Marquis Herbert, of Bridgeport. Police say Herbert was seen armed and running away from the scene.
Authorities later apprehended him on Madison Avenue. He is charged with sexual assault and home invasion.
Herbert is being held on a $2 million bond.
The incident has left members of the community shaken. Fernando Sanchez has lived on the street in Bridgeport's North end for 12 years. He says there's never been a problem until now.
"Then all the sudden we find out that a lady was assaulted and the Ring on the doors caught him walking down our road," says Sanchez. "What a shame."
Now that a suspect is in custody, neighbors say they feel safer.
"We pulled to the side and the cops zoom, flew by and then the truck driving backwards was following them all the way up…trying to chase the gentleman down," says Sanchez. "This a nice neighborhood…broad daylight. It's getting crazy." 
Officials were unable to confirm if the victim sought medical care.