Police: Farmingville man arrested for possession of narcotics, weapons

Police say a Farmingville man is accused of having illegal weapons and drugs in his home Monday.
Michael Arellano was arrested after prosecutors say he fired several shots into his Farmingville neighborhood while he was inside his home.
Neighbors say that it started when a car with two men pulled up to Arellano's home on Spruce Circle Monday afternoon around 12:30 p.m.
One neighbor says, "A black guy gets out of the car, yelling and screaming on his cellphone for someone to get out of their house. I called 911 with my other neighbor, and then a few seconds later, there's an exchange of gunfire."
The neighbor says she heard two different calibers go off at the same time. She says afterwards, she saw the man walk back into his vehicle and take off.
Police say there is no evidence at this point to support anyone else being at the scene besides Arellano, but the investigation is ongoing.
According to court documents, police recovered a handgun and the small bags of crack cocaine when investigating Arellano’s home after the call.
Arellano's attorney says his client has no prior criminal history and he's confident he will be exonerated.
Arellano is being held on $5,000 bail.