Police: Kidnapper's alligator plot bites him in the end

The kidnapping involved a hotel room, a knife and a picture of the victim stuffed in a man-sized Tupperware container with an alligator, police say. 
Then an order for Chinese delivery helped them solve the case.
According to investigators, Isaias Garcia kidnapped a man from a North Avenue condo complex on April 5. 
He accused the victim of scamming, hog-tied him, stuffed him in a bin and drove to the Residence Inn in Shelton.
Then the victim's family received an alarming photo. Police say it showed the man in a large blue Tupperware container with a three-foot alligator baring its teeth.
The victim called his aunt and said his kidnapper told him he would let the gator start "chewing" on him if he couldn't come up with some cash.
"The photo was clearly meant to intimidate the family into giving up the money," says Bridgeport Police Capt. Brian Fitzgerald.
Then the same number called in an order for Chinese food.
"Yea, not the brightest," Fitzgerald says. "Our detectives worked with the FBI to track the victim's last known cellphone location."
Police charged Garcia with kidnapping and assault. He previously served time in Texas for robbery. 
A judge ordered him held on $250,000 bond.
Police say the victim and the alligator are both safe.