Police: Man riding scooter dies after colliding with car in Bridgeport

A man died on Monday after he collided with a car while riding his scooter in Bridgeport.
Police say the crash occurred when the man’s scooter hit the car head on at Balsam and Sylvan avenues around 12:30 p.m.
"It's very scary and it's a sad thing to happen, especially during Memorial Day,” Kalianne Schiavi told News 12. “It's supposed to be a day of remembrance and now we're remembering another person that's died."
Authorities say several calls came at about the same time reporting the man driving the scooter was on the ground and appeared to be deceased. First responders confirmed he died moments later.
"He just beginning to live his life,” said Bridgeport City Council Member Mary McBride Lee. “You know, it's a sad day in Bridgeport and it's sad day in my district when it's a day of remembrance for those that have served in the Armed Forces and a tragedy happens right down the street from me."
People who live on Sylvan Avenue say speeding is common, and that they would like safety improvements of some kind to happen soon.
Police are investigating.