Police probe two Longwood shooting incidents

Officials are investigating a shooting in Longwood involving police officers that occurred Friday.
Police say an off-duty officer shot a man in the back after he disobeyed an order. Officials say the man was driving a minivan and hit a parked car on the opposite side of the street, and kept going.
Police say the officer stopped the van on the corner, but it continued to roll forward. That?s when the officer shot the man. The car crashed after it jumped the sidewalk and caught on fire. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene.
The man?s brother-in-law, who says he witnessed the crash, says the vicitm?s name is Fermin Arzu.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stopped by to look at the scene. Police have not released the name of the officers involved and say the investigation is ongoing.
There was a second shooting incident early Saturday morning, only a few blocks away from the first. Police say a 16 year old and a 22 year old were shot and transported to an area hospital.
Residents say they are surprised by the back-to-back shootings.