Police seek public's help for information on Stratford drive-by shooting

Police are seeking more information about a drive-by shooting in Stratford involving juvenile suspects, a stolen SUV and a ghost gun.
Video from May 22 shows a group of kids hanging out at High Park when a Honda CR-V pulls up and someone inside opens fire.
"All of a sudden you heard what sounded like firecrackers, about four or five firecrackers going off," says Noberto Ramos, of Stratford.
Ramos was sitting on his back porch next to the park and says he looked over his railing and saw an SUV speed off and kids scatter.
"Some of them were running that way and one of them decided to run this way," Ramos says.
Stratford police say no one was hurt, but bullets did hit a home and a car.
Since then, police have arrested two 16-year-olds and two 17-year-olds. Police say they're looking for any witnesses or people with more information on what happened.
They say these suspects didn't just commit one crime.
Police recovered a loaded ghost gun from one of them with no serial number and an extended magazine. Ghost guns are untraceable homemade weapons often done through 3D printing.
Police also say the SUV that was used in the drive-by had been stolen out of Trumbull. They later found it in Ansonia full of bullet holes.
Ramos, who has lived on Avo Street for almost seven years, says this kind of violence isn't normal for the neighborhood and has people on edge - with some keeping their kids away from the park.
"Me and my girlfriend we sit there and we’re like, 'It’s gorgeous out. it’s 80 degrees, where are the kids?' And ever since that incident, it’s been like this, a ghost town. People are afraid of it," he says. "Unfortunately, times are changing."
Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Alex Torres or Detective Jon Policano at 203-726-0275 or by calling the SPD Detective Bureau.