Police: Woman found shot to death in Bridgeport home

A woman was shot to death inside of a home on Saturday in Bridgeport.
Police say somebody called 911 shortly after 5 a.m. saying a person had been shot at Knoll Place and Huntington Turnpike and was critically wounded.. The woman, 29, was announced dead at the scene. The woman's family identified the victim to News 12 Connecticut, they asked that she not immediately be named.
"The violence needs to stop!", said Michelle Smalls, Bridgeport City Council. "I am very upset about this!"
Fellow City Council member Maria Pereira says this killing shows that gun violence must be addressed at the highest levels of government
"We don't know if this person had a legal gun or not at this point," she said. "But I will say this, we need our federal government to do something about guns. "I do want to say for this particular neighborhood it's very rare to see something like this."
"Gun violence is so often the cause and stopping it is absolutely imperative with common-sense sensible measures," added Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
Local residents tell News 12 every year as the weather turns hotter, deadly violence inevitably follows.
"It drives the anger from a level of two or three to ten," said Joe Grits, Bridgeport.
Police told News 12 this appears to have been an isolated incident where the victim knew the attacker. 
Police are also asking anyone who can help them solve the murder to call (203) 576-TIPS.