Priceless family treasures on display at Lockwood-Matthews Mansion

A retired police detective has something new to investigate -- his family history.
Carl Filsinger's grandfather worked as a valet and chauffeur in one of Norwalk's grandest mansions. Now some special family heirlooms are on display in the Lockwood-Matthews Mansion Museum.
The first time Filsinger visited, "I actually started crying."
He always knew his grandfather, Thomas Goggins, lived and worked there for decades as a beloved valet and chauffer. But seeing him included in the display brought it all to life.
"I know how important he was to the Matthews family," he said.
Filsinger's family cherished the gifts the Matthews gave their loyal servant: a coffee grinder, a plant stand, an ornate desk and bell -- family heirlooms packed away for safe keeping.
The retired detective donated his treasures.
"There was a lot of excitement in the office that day," said Melissa Feliciano-Erickson, manager of museum services.
"Now I see it here, it gives me a big sense of closure," Filsinger said.