Puerto Ricans seeking refuge in CT struggling to find transportation

Several Bridgeport residents are working to take in displaced Puerto Rican family members, but the process has not been easy.
Sazon y Mabo restaurant owner Alina Gutierrez says outgoing flights from Puerto Rico are few and far between and have been difficult to book.
Gutierrez's family has been trying to get their sick 93-year-old grandmother off the hurricane-ravaged island, but haven't been able to do so.
"There are some flights going out sometime in October,” says Gutierrez. “It's not guaranteed from what I've heard. Flights keep getting pushed out. Unfortunately I don't have an exact date or time when she can come. But that's our goal to hopefully get her here as soon as possible."
Luz de Paz Funeral Home says they have received a call hoping to transport the body of a family member who passed away during Hurricane Maria, but they've also struggled to book a flight.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says the city was expecting an influx of people seeking refuge from Puerto Rico, but that has yet to occur.
Sazon y Mabo says it is holding a fundraiser Sunday, hoping to send funds to areas and municipalities in Puerto Rico that need help the most.