Queen Elizabeth II's impact felt locally

The impact of Queen Elizabeth II was felt locally in Connecticut. Communities remembered the queen and how she touched their lives.

News 12 Staff

Sep 8, 2022, 11:49 PM

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The impact of Queen Elizabeth II's death was felt in Connecticut. Local communities remembered the queen and how she touched their lives.
Deb Hecht has owned Goldenberry in New Canaan for 32 years. The shop has many British, Irish and Scottish items. Hect says many of her customers who shop at Goldenberry have ties to England and she loves to hear all of their stories.
Hect says Thursday was a particularly poignant day, as customers remembered the life of Queen Elizabeth II.
"She was the face of Britain, she was the face of the monarchy," she said.
Karen Hubrich, who is from England, celebrates the queen's magnificent life on a daily basis at her restaurant, Gruel Britannia.
"She's the only queen I've ever known. I am 65, I have not known any other queen and she has just done an incredible job. It doesn't matter what you think about the monarchy, she has literally done the job that she set out to do and she has just served her country and she's an incredible role model," said Hubrich.
Hubrich said she once met Queen Elizabeth at an event.
"She had this incredible sparkle in her eyes. I mean, there is just something, her face, she just would light up a room. Quite remarkable," she recalled.
American flags line Main Street in New Canaan, but two British flags are placed outside a British-inspired gift and grocery shop. Some people News 12 spoke with who are from England say they are hoping to get back to pay their respects.

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