Quinnipiac University officials say a swastika was found on campus

Hamden police and public safety officials at Quinnipiac University are investigating after finding a swastika on campus on Wednesday.
Campus officials say this is the second time this has happened.
They said they found a swastika scratched into a mail locker on the York Hill campus. 
Officials said the first incident happened last Monday when they found a swastika on a mailbox in the Rocky Top Student Center.
"Such hate speech is abhorrent, it can be threatening, and it violates our code of conduct and character at QU," school officials said. "The campus will spare no effort identifying and disciplining the perpetrator(s)."
The school says public safety has stepped up its security as an extra precaution. 
Anyone with information relevant to the investigation should call their tip line at 203-582-6201.