Reeking rubbish infuriates Bronx residents

Residents say they've had enough and want something done about a heap of trash piled outside P.S. 113 on 216th Street that attracts bugs and a stench.
Neighbors say the school tosses its trash on the sidewalk, which encourages illegal dumpers to dispose of their garbage there too. Without school in session for the summer, no one knows how the garbage ended up there.
Residents say the school has dumped its debris on 216th Street for years, but with tires, old blankets and smelly litter strewn on the sidewalks, neighbors say they finally are fed up with the filth.
According to neighbors, a sanitation department truck rolled by and only picked up the recycling on the street, not the pile of garbage. A sanitation department supervisor says the rest of the trash will be collected soon.
The Department of Education issued a statement staying the school's custodial engineer will work with sanitation officials to address the illegal dumping. They say they'll send pest control, if need be.
Sanitation says it will sort through the trash to see if it can identify the illegal dumping culprits.