'Reflect on what good is around you.' Sandy Hook father pushes on after loss of son

In the 10 years since the Sandy Hook school shooting, the parents who lost their children have channeled their emotions into advocacy.
Mark Barden lost his son Daniel in the tragedy and is empowering schools across the country to know the warning signs through the nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise.
"The morning of Dec. 14, 2012, I was blissfully unaware, happy father of three beautiful children and enjoying my career as a musician. And later that morning, everything changed. And I say everything like I feel like my DNA has been rewired," said Barden.
He says to this day he still must assess and process what happened to his son.
"The fact that my beautiful 7-year-old son Daniel, was hunted down and shot to death in his first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I will forever try to wrap my head around that reality, as I go through my life," Barden said.
Barden says "it is helpful to just kind of focus on what's good" with the help of his family, including his two surviving children.
"There's another thread of support where, James and Natalie are very much my surviving children who are now 22 and 20, who have from day one and continue to still, support and buoy us, and we're so fortunate to have a large, close, loving, extended family," he said.
Barden says there is "no way out" of this life without Daniel and that "there is no getting over this."
His way to make it through each day? "Reflect on what good is around you," he says. "And that could be just, it could be anything, if you look, you'll find it."