Research group releases Trouble in Toyland report listing potentially dangerous toys

People will flock to stores this weekend for Black Friday deals, but a research group wants to warn parents of some dangerous toys.
The group highlights toys that could pose hazards to children and should be avoided as gifts this holiday season.
The New York Public Interest Research Group says toys with small pieces, like games, can pose choking issues for small children. They also say some loud or noisy toys, like a toy gun or action figure, can potentially damage developing ears.
The group also found that some toys like inexpensive musical instruments, costume jewelry or even toy slime can contain toxic chemicals like boron, lead and cadmium. Environmentalists say it's not healthy when children play with these toys and put the toys or hands in their mouths.
"The lead and the cadmium build up in the body -- it can cause learning disorders. Boron can cause nausea and vomiting," says Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "And these are things we are trying to keep away from our kids."
Fidget spinners and other focus toys may contain a higher level of lead and pose a choking hazard.
Small magnets are also dangerous because they can easily be swallowed. Balloons are the primary cause of suffocation deaths in toys, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
They say to think carefully before purchasing toys for small children.
Shoppers can also check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for toys that have been recalled.