Residents rally 3 weeks after fatal Bridgeport police-involved shooting

Friends, family and community leaders rallied for changes within the police department more than three weeks after a Bridgeport police officer fatally shot a 15-year-old boy.
Residents gathered at the corner of Fairfield and Park avenues, where the fatal shooting of Jayson Negron took place, asking for accountability and transparency.
They say the changes are needed now more than ever.
Jayson's sister told News 12 Connecticut since the shooting on May 9, she's tried not to return to the spot because it triggers painful memories for her.
Jazmarie Melendez joined her family, friends and religious leaders Friday to ask for a transparent and timely investigation into Jayson's death.
According to police, Jayson drove a car into an officer who was trying to stop him, prompting the fatal shooting.
A 21-year-old man also in the car was hurt.
As state police continue the investigation, the community is asking for reforms, including body and dash cameras and better training for police officers.
Police Chief AJ Perez says they are exploring the feasibility of getting dash and body cameras. Perez says the challenge though is lack of storage, space and funding.
“One of the biggest problems I have is storage, where do I store this information. That right now is the big problem for me,” says Perez. Perez also stated that the cost of body cameras are “astronomical.”
Negron’s family, as well as community leaders have reached out to Chief Perez’s office to further discuss the possibilities of body and dash cameras. They say they are still waiting for a response.
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