Road Trip Close to Home: Little Italy in the Bronx

News 12 takes a trip to Little Italy, the heart of the Bronx where families can grab a slice of pizza, fresh seafood and have fun.
Forget the expensive flight and the jet lag - There's no passport needed to arrive on Arthur Avenue for a day in Little Italy. Just bring your appetite.
For your first stop, head to the corner of East 187th Street and Arthur Avenue. You can't go wrong with family-run Full Moon Pizzeria. Tossing pies for over 45 years, they know a thing or two about the perfect, crispy slice.
Adventurous eaters can enjoy the Hawaiian or buffalo chicken, but don't miss the classic margherita pizza.
After that, head down the block to Randazzo's Seafood. Over a century in the neighborhood, families will love checking out the fresh fish and taking some home for dinner.
Looking for a snack now? You can saddle up to the bar outside the market for freshly shucked shellfish.
No matter which shops you stop in for your Italian fix on Arthur Ave., the community has a message: everyone is welcome.
After your day in Little Italy, the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden are just around the corner for your next adventure.