“Shocking and disgusting"- Outrage in Nyack after swastikas found at Starbucks

People in Nyack are outraged after hearing swastikas were found on the bathroom wall of a local Starbucks.
At least two swastikas, about 6 inches in size, were scratched into the wall of the bathroom at the Starbucks on Main Street where anyone could have seen them.
Investigators say the swastikas were on the bathroom wall for three weeks before anyone did anything about it,  including alerting police.
Rockland County officials are now asking if the incident was reported to a supervisor and ignored - because any evidence that may have been obtained with a prompt notification to the police has long disappeared.
In a statement, Day asked in part, "Was it reported to an employee and ignored? Is this hateful and criminal activity considered something not warranting the attention of Starbucks? The cavalier attitude by Starbucks Nyack to this incident is both shocking and disgusting."
Many people in the village agree. "What I am surprised about is the fact that it stayed on the walls there for three weeks. That's bad management," says Toma Holley, of Nyack. "This got no place here, right? I mean, America is a country where people from different parts of the world come in. It's a very diversified society," adds Shaheen Kajn, of Suffern.
On Monday, the swastikas were traced over with a color that nearly matches the rest of the wall.
The incident captured the attention of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is calling for a full investigation and for those who are responsible to be punished.
Starbucks says it fully supports the state's investigation and that hatred of any kind is not welcome in their stores.