Sacred Heart's new track & field coach proud to be his true self for 1st time in years

A new track & field coach at Sacred Heart University says for the first time in his life he's finally able to be his true self.
Wyatt Warnick is the new throws coach for Sacred Heart men's track & field.
Coming from a post at a small university down south, Warnick says he's excited to coach in Division 1 and to be able to be fully, openly himself.
"I was out to family, I was out to friends, I wasn't out publicly. And so once I was able to come here, I was able to do that,' said Warnick.
In his college years, the Utah transplant was a javelin star at Brigham Young University.
"I loved it there, but also I mean it was hard. Talk about hiding myself the last couple years, there I really had to," said Warnick.
He says representation and visibility are important. Now that he's out, he's hoping to help people check their biases.
The team has their first meet on Staten Island Dec. 4.
Warnick says he'll make an even better coach and role model now that he can be authentically himself.
"There's a quote I really like that's 'Love yourself and let everyone else catch up.' Just do what you need to do to make yourself the most healthy, happy person you can be. Whatever that is," said Warnick.
Warnick was previously the head track & field coach at Southern Virginia University.