School board says it's working aggressively to reopen Ridge Street Elementary to students

The Blind Brook School District board members held a virtual meeting Thursday night in which they laid out plan to get Ridge Street Elementary School back open as soon as they possibly can.
The reopening of Ridge Street Elementary, however, may not include the district's current superintendent, Dr. Patrick Brimstein.
Parents who were hoping to learn when the school will reopen did not get an answer.
"I am profoundly sorry to each of you that this happened on our watch," said school board member Jennifer Schlactus.
School board members were on the verge of tears over the chaos in the district after the state abruptly shut down the school down over major safety concerns.
"I am sick to my stomach that any of you are worried your children may have been at risk in our building," Schlactus said.
While the Ridge Street Elementary remains closed until further notice, officials insisted that there are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes at play to get the school open as soon as possible.
In a shocking move, the school board also pushed aside Brimstein.
"The board of education hereby grants a one-week paid leave of absence for personal reasons for Dr. Patrick Brimstein," announced school board president Scott Jaffee.
It is not clear if Brimstein will be back. Longtime employee Dr. Colin Byrne will replace him for the time being.
In terms of the building, school board members said the many of the state violations that led to the school closure will be addressed in the coming days, and they hope the school could be ready for an inspection by state officials as early as next week.
If all work is completed and compliant with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and regulations, Jaffee said Thursday, Sept. 30 would be a target date for inspection.
School board members said they also want Ridge Street Elementary’s special needs students in the school to be moved to the middle high school.