Selfless Norwalk artisan sells ornaments that benefit villages in Thailand

St. Ann Church in Milford held the St. Raphael's Christmas fair on Saturday – and one booth in particular stood out.
Local artisan and vendor Rose Carroll, of Norwalk, displayed her original, creative designs and holiday decor.
"I have music boxes, I have Christmas trees that light up. I've sold about 10 today, I'm almost out,” said Carroll.
All of the crafts were made by her, except the brass ornaments which were handmade in Thailand. The money from each one sold goes to helping people living in villages there.
"They are building schools, they're paving walkways and roads, they're digging freshwater wells so that they don't have to go down to a river,” said Carroll. “The other thing is they're eating healthier foods."
Carrol says selling the items benefiting Thailand is more fulfilling than any of her other sales.
"I'll promote these items over my own because I know it's making a difference in children's lives and people that are living in countries that are struggling to survive,” said Carroll.
Carroll's crafts are available online.