Sen. Blumenthal arrives in Saudi Arabia amid Israel-Hamas war

Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced Friday that he arrived in Saudi Arabia as part of a bipartisan delegation visiting Israel and the Middle East.
While in the kingdom, the group will meet with Saudi officials. The goal is to discuss the Israel-Hamas war and its impact in the region.
Blumenthal issued a statement saying, "Saudi Arabia has a unique opportunity to play a constructive role in the region by countering Iran's malign influence and supporting Palestinian Authority governance. I have been an especially loud critic of this regime – and I fully intend to raise my concerns about Saudi Arabia's record of human rights abuses, its refusal to provide justice to the families of 9/11 victims, and its ongoing stonewalling of my requests for information about its efforts to exert influence in the United States. Saudi Arabia can begin to earn its desired place in the community of nations by demonstrating a serious commitment to peace and human rights. Working together, with the U.S. as a partner, Israel and Saudi Arabia can and must serve as an effective counterweight to Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah"
News 12's Eric Landskroner will have an extended sit-down interview with Blumenthal on this weekend's "Power & Politics."