Sen. Blumenthal: Probe launched into health code violations at Bridgeport apartment complex

Federal housing officials have stopped Section 8 payments to a landlord in Bridgeport until violations are fixed – a direct result of a News 12 report from February.
The multiple violations at 400 Olive St. – ranging from rat and roach infestation to flooding and power outages – were enough for Sen. Richard Blumenthal to report the landlord to the federal housing officials. He says an investigation is now in the works.
Residents say instead of fixing all the violations, the landlord is retaliating against the tenants by shutting off their utilities and failing to correct what they say is a wide array of health code violations.
"I'm enraged. My blood boils every day thinking about this. You have people that cannot really walk, talk, they need help pushing, they need help walking, and it's burning me up inside because we have kids here who are in the dark," says resident Michelle Kave.
Sen. Blumenthal says, "Retaliation against these residents is absolutely beyond the pale in addition to all the violations of basic decency. This revenge for action must be stopped."
The property owner has not responded to News 12's request for a comment.