Sen. Blumenthal: Ridesharing services need rigorous background checks

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling for reforms after a report from Uber on sexual assault, among other safety issues.
Uber says 3,045 sexual assaults were reported during rides on its platform in 2018.
The report shows nine murders and 58 fatal accidents over the same span. Uber says the reported incidents represent about .0002 percent of the rides they facilitated last year.
Sen. Blumenthal says disclosure is well and good, but action needs to be taken to eradicate sexual assault in Ubers and Lyfts.
"I am pressing for more robust and rigorous background checks, including finger print, data sharing so that one criminal can't go to another ride-hailing company," he said. "And also better response to complaints when they receive them."
The company says it compiled the report to help determine how to make passengers using their service safer.
Representatives for Uber say they're hoping to share data on offenders and banned drivers with other ridesharing services starting next year.