Sen. Blumenthal set to hold press conference today concerning TikTok "devious licks" trend

Sen. Richard Blumenthal plans to holds a press conference in Hartford today to addressing the so-called "devious licks" TikTok trend encouraging school vandalism and theft.
He is calling on TikTok to crack down on the situation.
There have been several cases across Hartford and nationwide of kids smashing school property and getting away with proof of their crimes. The destructive activity is caught on camera and then posted online.
Blumenthal shared, "TikTok is not a completely innocent bystander here. It has to take action and that's why I am calling on it to appear at a congressional hearing and to ban the users who violate potentially criminal laws through their vandalism and theft... so TikTok has to be held accountable."
The Congressional hearing is expected to take place in October.