Sen. Blumenthal urges Bridgeport Housing Authority to fix mold problems at senior complex

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on the Bridgeport Housing Authority to fix mold problems at an apartment complex for seniors and people with disabilities.
Sen. Blumenthal met with Theodore Robinson, a resident at Fireside Apartments.
Robinson says he can't wear many of his clothes because they're covered in mold.
He says housing officials offered to move him but to an apartment that he says would be more dangerous to his health "for a variety of reasons."
Sen. Blumenthal says he is working to provide any federal funds possible to fix the problem whether it's through the infrastructure program or elsewhere to help tenants like Robinson avoid health problems resulting from mold.
Sen. Blumenthal says he is also urging the Housing Authority to address the problem in Bridgeport and elsewhere.
The head of Bridgeport Park City Communities released a statement saying in part, "I have been working tirelessly to address the mold issue at the Fireside Apartments by, among other things, offering dehumidifiers -- even transfers to other apartment communities. This is a critical time for the housing authority as the new team seeks to preserve $65 million in housing subsidies for the most vulnerable among us. As a passionate proponent of vulnerable families in Bridgeport, I have been working diligently in my new role to meet the needs of all of our residents."