Sen. Richard Blumenthal calls on Congress to help Ukraine

Sen. Richard Blumenthal says Ukraine is showing the world it can push back and ultimately expel its invaders by bombing Crimea behind the Russian lines.
Blumenthal also said the U.S. and its friends need to step up and keep Russia on the run "during this period of maximum advantage."
"Pummeling those Russian bases on the Crimea, which Ukraine is doing right now, requires longer-range artillery," he said. "The fact is I am pushing the administration. I will be doing it this week because we're at a turning point. Ukraine is clearly showing it can breach the Russian defenses; it has done so in the south at a number of points - but it needs those longer-range artillery to continue pummeling and pushing the Russians behind the lines."
Blumenthal added he's calling on his colleagues in Congress to put aside party politics and come together to help Ukraine before the balance of power in the region shifts again, leaving Russia with the permanent upper hand.