Senator holds interfaith gathering to comfort Fairfield community in wake of Texas school mass shooting

State Sen. Tony Hwang was supposed to kick off his campaign for re-election Sunday, but instead, he held an interfaith gathering to help comfort those in the Fairfield community impacted by the fatal Texas school shooting.
The Fairfield community is grappling to make sense of the shooting. The interfaith gathering allowed the community to come together to heal in the wake of the event.
Connecticut is no stranger to the traumatic experience of school shootings. Many can still recall what life was like after the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012.
Hwang invited religious leaders, as well as mental health providers, to offer resources and ways in which school shootings can be talked about with children.
"To be able to have a moment to heal, to be able to take comfort, and to kind of reflect on the emotions that we've all felt from the tragedy in Texas, but also in Connecticut, a reflection, a reminder of what happened nearly 10 years ago in Sandy Hook," Hwang said.
Hwang wore a Sandy Hook pin in their honor.
"Our legislators, people in Washington have to understand that they have to communicate between themselves to try to put an end to the violence that's out there," said Fairfield resident Henry Meunch.
Some residents believe it still comes back to politics and making conscious decisions.
"There will be time for policy, advocacy, to figure out what we need to do, we're going to do it, make no doubt about it. But right now, it's about the people and the emotions they feel and how we can support them, " Hwang said.