Several residents at Stamford apartment building told they need to move out by next month

Coleman Tower is being renovated and management says it will become a mix of market rate and affordable apartments.

News 12 Staff

Feb 22, 2023, 12:58 AM

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Some residents at a Stamford apartment building tell News 12 they are frightened after they were told they need to move out of their longtime homes next month. 
Coleman Tower is being renovated and management says it will become a mix of market rate and affordable apartments.
Currently, the occupants are a blend of renters and shareholders from a co-op association that financially failed.
Several people told News 12, last week they were called to meetings with the building managers. Some people say they were told they had a month to move out. Others were told they would have to move to a smaller apartment.
They say this has created upheaval and panic. Rents of available apartments in the area are higher than what they are paying at Coleman Tower and timing is running out as they scramble to figure out their next move.
"I have been here 33 years - 33 years. My whole life was upset last week when the people downstairs, Millennium, told me I would have to give up this place," said Marilyn Lawton.
None of the tenants News 12 spoke with have received any sort of eviction notice.
In a statement, the owner of the building said, "Coleman Towers was previously a cooperative apartment building and had been under foreclosure for owing millions of dollars to the City of Stamford, utility companies and Fannie Mae for over ten years. Prior to new ownership taking title to the building, the top floors of the building were uninhabitable and the building systems had major deficiencies. The new owner paid all the money owed and, with the assistance of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, has implemented a plan to completely rehabilitate Coleman Towers so that it meets all local housing requirements. When this project is completed, the building will provide 115 Affordable units. All qualified previous owners of coop units may continue to live in the building in a brand new renovated unit with their rent frozen at previous levels (plus CPI). This is a very complicated construction project involving the complete rehabilitation, while the majority of the residents continue to live at the building. We will continue to work closely with the residents of Coleman Towers and the City of Stamford to provide quality Affordable housing."

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