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Shelton PD: Trapped person freed from vehicle that struck building

It happened at 1001 Bridgeport Ave. after 6 p.m.

Jul 6, 2024, 5:01 PM

Updated 7 days ago


A person was trapped inside a vehicle that struck a building in Shelton Friday, police say.
It happened at 1001 Bridgeport Ave. after 6 p.m.
Officials say the vehicle hit a staircase that led to apartments. Firefighters had to place several stabilization struts to reinforce the stairs.
Once the stairs were secure, a grip hoist was used to pull the vehicle out from the under the stairs. Hydraulic rescue tools were then used to remove the vehicle door and free the person inside.
The unnamed person was transported to a trauma facility for evaluation.
It is not clear what caused the vehicle to crash into the stairs.
The Shelton building inspector determined the upper apartment is not habitable because of the condition of the stairs.

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