Vandals in Fairfield County deface signs supporting Israel in wake of Hamas terror attack

There were multiple incidents over the weekend of lawn signs that featured the Israeli flag being vandalized in Fairfield County.
In the first incident, a sign near Temple Israel in Westport at the intersection of Coleytown and Lyons Plains Road was marked with red handprints. Westport police say they don’t have any suspects yet.
In Weston, police say an Israel sign was stolen from someone’s lawn and signs were defaced in two other locations. Weston police released a picture of one defaced sign, also with red handprints. They say it happened early Sunday morning. Police are checking for security cameras and canvassing neighborhoods.
Rabbi Friedman of Temple Israel gave thanks to Westport officials' response.
“I appreciate the swift and conscientious partnership of the police and school district in thoroughly addressing these incidents,” says Friedman.
The United Jewish Federation of Stamford, New Canaan, and Darien also expressed their concerns.
“We said never again with the Holocaust and here we are again in 2023. I thought we came a long way as a society,” says the group’s CEO Diane Sloyer. “We can’t even believe what is happening, and we really need to work together to combat hate in all its forms.”
Weston police are asking anyone with information about defaced or stolen signs to contact them.