Snapology demonstrates STEAM education programs for Stamford students

Stamford Snapology welcomed young students to their first open house at Pickleball America on Saturday for hands-on learning.
Snapology showed off their lineup of STEAM education-related activities including science and engineering programs. Traditional STEM education includes science, technology, engineering and math. Snapology teaches ‘STEAM’ – the extra ‘A’ stands for arts.
The owners said the idea was to let children grow these skills without even realizing it.
“We do experiential learning. We do it in a way that’s always fun for the kids, it’s always active,” said Edwin Stone, co-owner of Stamford Snapology. “They don’t even know that they’re learning as they’re doing it."
“They can discover if they want to be a scientist, a mathematician, an engineer, an architect, you name it…it all starts with imagination,” said Kimone Johnson, co-owner of Stamford Snapology.
Snapology also offers camps and birthday parties. You can find more information on their website.