Some New Canaan students, parents call for end of school mask mandate

Students and parents in New Canaan say it's time for the mask requirement to be optional because it's having an impact on their mental health.
They says it's been nearly two years since the start of the pandemic, and as science evolves, so should requirements like mask mandates.
They say masks in school impact learning, self-confidence and creates insecurities.
At the Board of Education meeting Monday, parents and students in New Canaan voiced their frustrations about the mask requirement.
They said it's not only masks that impact their mental health, but also the COVID-19 protocols when a positive case occurs - it can put stress on students.
News 12 spoke with a sophomore at New Canaan High School, who prepared a speech at the Board of Education meeting, about the impacts this has had on her.
"Everyone's already stressed in high school and with masks, it's like that breaking point and so there's just so many mental breakdowns that go on. So many people aren't happy and you can't see people's faces in masks. So there's no smiling, so that little bit of comfort you got throughout the day from people smiling, you don't get that anymore," said sophomore Eva Campbell.
The statewide mask mandate in schools expires on Feb. 15 and some lawmakers want the decision about masks to be left up to school boards.
"I would be open to it if the metrics say we could do that safely and I think we're getting closer to that - we're not there yet," Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday.
News 12 reached out to the superintendent of New Canaan Schools for comment but have not heard back.