Son arrested in NY following fatal stabbing of Stamford woman

A man was arrested in New York in connection with the fatal stabbing of his mother inside her Stamford apartment, police say.

News 12 Staff

Apr 7, 2021, 1:27 PM

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A man was arrested in New York in connection with the fatal stabbing of his mother inside her Stamford apartment, police say.
They say 25-year-old Winston Weathers killed his mother, 50-year-old Denise McLaughlin, back on March 27. She was stabbed several times in her stomach, chest and neck.
It was almost a week later when police discovered her dead.
Police say they conducted a welfare check last Friday night at McLaughlin's apartment on Manor Street after friends couldn't get ahold of her and got concerned.
Weathers has no prior criminal history and had been living with McLaughlin for the past two years. Police say he was on their radar right away.
Weathers' arrest warrant says McLaughlin's body was found in his room, and a neighbor reported he was often drunk or high and arguing with his mother.
Police also said they found "a white powdery substance/residue and plastic baggies" in Weathers' room, suspected to be crack cocaine residue.
A child living above said he heard a fight then a woman screaming for help, telling police it sounded "like a horror movie."
The child's father said when he went to check it out, Weathers opened the door a little and said everything was OK.
Police say shortly after, Weathers fled.
"The defendant, after committing this murder, went to Boston, then later to New York," says Senior Assistant State's Attorney Maureen Ornousky.
Police took him into custody at a New York hospital Tuesday.
"He had made a suicide attempt and made statements to the people at the hospital indicating his involvement in this murder," says Ornousky.
She told the court Weathers also made a full confession to Stamford police.
Chief Tim Shaw says this is the third murder arrest in five weeks. The previous two were for deadly shootings in 2020.
Shaw says investigators have been working tirelessly to give some comfort to the victims' families.
Weathers has been put on suicide watch. News 12 was also told police responded to McLaughlin's home just four days before her killing for a dispute with her son.
The report stated that McLaughlin said about Weathers, "that he was out in front of the house possibly intoxicated or high."
When officers responded, they said he didn't seem to be intoxicated but said he'd had an argument with his mom, specifically about, "the officers reported that Denise feels like Winston is actively trying to throw away a good job and that she kicked him out of the house for the night."
Officers reported the two said they'd try to work out the issue the next day.

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