Special legislative session ends without resolution

Lawmakers met Wednesday in a special session called by Gov. Jodi Rell (R-CT) to vote on school construction bonding, but nothing was resolved.
Rell called the session after announcing she planned to veto the bonding package lawmakers passed last week. She said the plan is unaffordable, while Democratic leaders argued it was a negotiated deal and was reasonable.
The meeting lasted only a few minutes and amounted to name calling. However, lawmakers agreed that the political insults and fighting have to stop. ?The public is tired of that. We have a job to do,? Rell said.
?We just need to govern the state, work together and have a fair and balanced way of sharing the power when it comes to bonding,? said House Speaker Jim Amman (D-Milford).
Both House and Senate Democrats have mentioned a possible veto override but say they are still interested in negotiating with the governor on the bill.
Rell sent a letter to Democratic and Republican legislative leaders, asking them to meet at the governor's residence on Monday to continue talking about the bill. She said she'll present a compromise at that meeting.
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